Top Picks for Religious Doubters

I was thinking about which of my posts I would point someone to if they were beginning to doubt their faith and they didn’t want to have to sift through all my posts.

My goal is not to turn you from God and towards Satan.  My goal is to make you realize that hell is not real and that without that fear you will be able to evaluate Christianity on equal terms with any other claims people make about the universe.

So here are my top picks:

Top Picks

Religious Trauma Syndrome (new!)

Skeptic’s Annotated Bible (Read your Bible again – with this as your reference.)

George Carlin on Religion

The Top One Reason Religion is Harmful

Christopher Hitchens on the Morality of Christian Doctrine

Why I Became an Atheist

An Almighty Screw Up

The Hiddenness of God and Freewill

A History of God

Penn & Teller – The Bible

Christianity in a Nutshell

A Personal Response to a Talk by The Thinking Atheist (Watch the entire second video.)

The Real Cost of Religious Faith

Atheism Articles

Jesus Loves You

Would I Ever Return to Christianity?

What If I’m Wrong? – Pascal’s Wager

William Lane Craig Advises Christians on How to Deal With Their Doubts

Speaking About God

Dan Barker – Making the Case for Atheists

Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus?

Newsflash: My Kids Like to Eat Candy on Halloween

Does My Life Have Purpose?

Those Old Pearly Gates –  The Doctrine of Heaven

Honourable Mentions

Beautiful …

10 Myths – and 10 Truths – About Atheism

Madman or Something Worse

The Good Atheist – Living a Purpose-Filled Life Without God

An Introduction to Atheist Speakers

Also, you HAVE to watch as many Mr. Deity episodes as possible.  He makes excellent points about religion but the fact that he does it with such amazing humour makes it so much easier to hear and digest.  The humour made me think I might not get struck by lightning for watching them (back when I thought God was still watching my every move.

Visit my Links page for some great resources!

Now enjoy my Religious Fun and Just For Fun categories.  You need a laugh after all that serious stuff!


3 thoughts on “Top Picks for Religious Doubters

  1. Perhaps also, Oedipus Judaicus by William Drummond for an honourable mention. Not an athiest book but a book that attempts to reveal the astrological codes hidden in the writings of Moses. To me it shows that there is a deep pagan element to the Bible that most people overlook.

  2. Hi, I’m not sure how I found your website, but here I am. I have been going through so many doubts for years. I grew up extremely Christian. But I just keep having more and more questions. I can’t talk to anyone about it, as they all think I am terrible if I even have doubts. But I think I am way past doubts at this point….after reading the things I never read in the Old Testament, I just can’t wrap my head around the O.T. God being the same loving God as in the New Testament. And the N.T. is like a sequel to the O.T., so where does that leave me? But then I hear Christians saying that God was right to order all those people killed because He knows better than we do and His morals are better than ours and we can’t even begin to understand. So I’m like, so, are my morals way off in thinking that it’s not ok to kill women and children (or anyone for that matter), or to kill 42 boys with bears etc….like, am I the one who is wrong for thinking this can’t be right? Should I just accept that God knows better than I do? Then of course is the one where Christians say “it’s better to live for God than to not live for God, just in case there is a God.” But, wouldn’t He know my true doubts? So would I be faking belief? Or would He accept that if I tried to keep believing? It is almost like nails on a chalkboard to me when people talk about “praise God” if they get, like, a good parking spot or something completely ridiculous, ya know? I mean, seriously? What about all the homeless and starving people in the world, and you think God is helping you with your daily petty situations? Or when people say “if it’s God’s will, then……will or won’t happen.” So, if He already has a will laid out, then what are people praying about. These things confuse the heck out of me, but other people seem to not even question this stuff. I feel everyday like a horrible person for having a brain, and logic, and reasoning, and that I am going straight to hell for it. Agh. Sorry to get that off my chest, but I literally have no one to tell this to! Sorry!

    • Please do not apologize! I get so much fulfillment knowing that those who are struggling with their doubts find a safe place and support here on my blog.

      I will write a longer reply as soon as I can, but for now – know that you are absolutely not wrong for having those doubts. I, and many other Christians, have been exactly where you are right now. And you are not going to hell for using reason and logic and common sense.

      Please do some searching on my blog. There is a lot here that I think will be helpful to you – resources, websites, books, videos – as well as things written by me and by wonderful people who shared their own stories and thoughts here.

      I will write more soon. Take a deep breath and know that you are among friends here.


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