This & That

Here are some odds and ends:

Here are two videos to watch concerning God’s hidden nature and freewill:
NonBelief & Peek-A-Boo
Freewill & Lazy Deities

Treatise on Morality

Metaphysics and the God of the Gaps:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Greta Christina’s Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Believe in God:
Part 1
Part 2

Some articles on atheism.

If you have a question about or argument against athiesm, it is probably covered here.
ebon musings

Some thoughts on death here.


One thought on “This & That

  1. Dear Brenda
    My name is John. I live in The UK
    I came across your Blog when I googled the question “Christian Doubts”
    I have been a christian for over fifty years, and accepted everything that I had been told
    Then three years ago I started to look into everything that I believed. Wow was I surprised to see that a lot of my beliefs were based on traditions of men.
    I now have so many questions and doubts about God. One big question for me is this “Where is God when I am hurting”
    I have been told that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus, and that He would meet my every need
    But when I have been in one of my Panic Attacks , and Depression rages. I pray for help and nothing happens
    For years I have blamed myself for this silence
    Another area of doubt was regarding hellfire. I cannot understand God torturing people for ever, even those who never hear the Gospel
    Brenda, as I read your blog and the list of questions raised. It is as if it is me writing
    I cannot say that God doesnt exist, but is the God that I have been taught to believe in not the real God
    Sorry for the confusion
    But thanks Brenda for writing your blog.i am sure that there are many of us christians doubting, God

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