Neil deGrasse Tyson & Jason Silva discuss the meaning of life.

A fantastic discussion about the meaning of life. It says, in better words, what I’ve attempted to get across on this site about the meaning of life as an atheist. Worth listening to, especially if you struggle with this issue.


Quote #40

There is indeed mystery in life, a lot of unanswered questions of vital importance. I would not be a philosopher if I did not believe that, with all my being. Religion and philosophy alike grapple with the deepest questions of all: What is it all about? How should we live? Philosophy is sometimes chided for failing to provide compelling answers to its questions. Perhaps one of the most important lessons of philosophy is to teach us how to live with the questions unanswered, rather than settle for unsatisfactory but popular answers. This is our legacy from Socrates onward and is the source of at least some of the conflict with religion. In exchange for the security, comfort, and certainty of the world’s religions, we offer only doubt and uncertainty, a cold, hard logical look at the universe. But I’ll take it.

From Chapter One of Philosphers Without Gods – edited by Louise M. Antony

Chapter One: Faith and Reason, the Perpetual War: Ruminations of a Fool written by Stewart Shapiro

What I’m Reading – January 2013

I’ve completely neglected the side of me that needs to be reading, learning and contemplating and not just doing all the time.  Fortunately I’ve come across two books that captured my attention and I think they may interest some of you. If you care to join me in reading either one I’d love to discuss them.

The first is The Book of Dead Philosophers by Simon Critchley.

The second is Philosophers Without Gods edited by Louise M. Antony.

I’ve just begun both of these but they seem very promising. If you’d like to read along and discuss one or both of them just let me know in the comments. If there is some interest I will create a discussion post for each of them.

Happy New Year!