I Was Here – Beyoncé



I’ve developed a meditation practice using this app:


I do not approach it from any religious or spiritual perspective, but meditation is being shown in scientific study after scientific study to be highly beneficial in many mental, emotional, and physical ways. I’ve certainly found that to be true in my own life and if you haven’t tried meditation, I highly recommend that you consider adding it into your life.

Here is a great video that explains some of the benefits of meditation:

God’s Song

Nate at Finding Truth shared this song. Thought it was worth sharing here.

Finding Truth

Ran across this video today. I’ve been a big fan of this song for years — it’s one of the clearest and most succinct illustrations of the Problem of Evil that I’m aware of. I don’t know anything about the YouTuber that put these images to this song, so I can’t explain the meaning behind the first slides of this video. However, I think he did a great job putting this together. It’s chilling, really.

“God’s Song,” by Randy Newman

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What Should We Think About Death? Narrated by Stephen Fry

Came across this great video from the British Humanist Association and narrated by Stephen Fry:

It looks like the British Humanist Association has some great videos on their youtube channel including other ones like this one which are narrated by Stephen Fry. Check out their youtube channel here. They also have a Facebook page which looks like it’s worth following. And here is the link for their main website.