How the Web is Killing Faith

An article by The Friendly Atheist – Hemant Mehta:

How the Web is Killing Faith


Dan Savage Discusses the Bible and Homosexuality

Meant to post this the other day when it first came out, but here it is for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.



Here is the Friendly Atheist post that discusses the background and context of the video.

Atheists/Agnostics and Compassion

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these findings:

Religious People Less Driven by Compassion Than Are Atheists and Agnostics, Study Says

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Abortion (non) Debate in Canada

Thought you might be interested to see how a Canadian politician’s attempt to start debating the abortion issue in Canada was received (even from his own party):

MP’s Denounce Motion to Study When Life Begins

I can actually understand where the anti-abortion people are coming from.  They believe they need to stand up for a life that can’t speak for itself.  But what should they do with this conviction that they are passionate about?  I think if someone is against abortion/pro-life then there are many areas where they could focus their time and effort.  Some ideas?  Help promote better sex education and contraception availablity.  Maybe help support the adoption system or services that help young mothers.  But to try to legislate that every woman needs to follow your views on this issue and to turn those who disagree into criminals is the wrong approach.  And obviously it’s not going to get anywhere here in Canada.

Religious Survey in Canada

I have to say, I felt there was a difference here in Canada regarding our views about religion, but it’s interesting to see it showing up in surveys like this one:

Religious Survey in Canada

Just my personal experience, but it seems to me that Canadians don’t care much if you’re religious or not – the topic rarely even comes up.   I think religion is one of those things we figure should stay in the realm of ‘it’s your own personal business.’

Instead of me pulling out numbers from the survey that caught my attention, I’d be really interested to know what those of you who live outside of Canada think of the numbers.   Did any of the numbers surprise you?

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[Here’s more reading on the topic of religious belief in Canada if you’re interested.  It’s not regarding the above survey though.]

Not-Too-Upsetting Guide to the Down-There Parts

Here’s a post from The Friendly Atheist: Heading Into The Man Cave

The video makes fun of men for not knowing this stuff but I honestly don’t think most women do either.

But a person running for PRESIDENT not knowing it?  I don’t follow U.S. politics much but …. are you freakin’ serious???  Are you trying to go back to the stone age??  How are you going to remain a world power when this is the kind of thing you are spending your time, money, and resources on?  Sad and scary.