Are Religious Philosophies of Death More Comforting Than Secular Ones?

By Greta Christina:

Do We Concede the Ground of Death Too Easily?


More on Pascal’s Wager

So glad to have come across this post about Pascal’s Wager from Greta Christina.  I always find it a pleasure to read her writing.  I’ll be adding it to my previous post on this topic but wanted to post it here for anyone wanting yet another perspective on the matter.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you think.

Why It’s Not a “Safer Bet” to Believe in God, Or, Why Pascal’s Wager Sucks

Pascal’s Wager

I’m posting this because the idea behind Pascal’s Wager has been coming up in some online discussions I’ve been a part of.  It can be a huge issue for someone doubting Christianity and considering leaving their faith.

Here’s a basic definition for anyone new to the argument:

The argument that it is in one’s rational self-interest to act as if God exists, since the infinite punishments of hell, provided they have a positive probability, however small, outweigh any countervailing advantage.

Here’s a wikipedia article if you want to read up on it:

Wikipedia – Pascal’s Wager

So essentially, if you decide not to believe in god you could be punished (likely for eternity), but if you stay on the god team you’re safe.  And heck – if you choose the god team and you’re wrong – oh well – you’ve lived a nice life anyway – so no loss.  So it’s just rational to make sure you’re safe and stay on the team with the best probability of a good outcome.

I have a link on My Story page to a wonderful book by a former Christian missionary named Ken Daniels that recounts his intellectual deconversion:

Ken Daniels – Why I Believed

He’s got a great section in there on Pascal’s Wager that is a must-read for anyone struggling with this argument:

Ken Daniels – Pascal’s Wager

Here’s another great post regarding Pascal’s Wager by Greta Christina.  I love her writing in general and her in-depth rant on this topic:

Why It’s Not a “Safer Bet” to Believe in God, Or, Why Pascal’s Wager Sucks

If you are doubting Christianity, I would encourage you not to let Pascal’s Wager frighten you into being dishonest with yourself. Hopefully the above information can help you see what a weak argument it really is and then you can continue on your path of searching for truth.

One More Reason Religion is So Messed Up

From Greta Christina

If you have any interest in religion and morality – you need to read this entire post.  I used to follow Greta Christina but for some reason didn’t keep up with her stuff.  But this excellent, well-thought out article has reignited my interest in her writings.

10 Myths – And 10 Truths – About Atheism

I came across an older article by Greta Christina and she made reference to an article Sam Harris had done on the same topic.  She thought he dissed religion too much.  I’m posting both and you can decide.  May they both enlighten you 🙂

Sam Harris’ article

Greta Christina’s article