A hello and an update

I still have people who stop by my blog and leave comments, often letting me know how my site has helped them in their deconversion struggles. This means so much to me and it is why I will always leave this blog up even when I don’t post often. If I can make anyone’s deconversion experience even a little easier than mine was, then I will feel a great deal of fulfillment from sharing my story here.

As for an update, things are going well! Life has had its ups and downs (as is the case for everyone). In the spring I began taking university classes part-time online. My five ‘kids’ are not all that kid-like anymore – they are 18, 16, 13, 10, and 8. We are all non-believers now and we are a home and family filled with laughter, love and joy. They all live at home still, so while they are getting older and I have more freedom, the online classes suit me best right now. I have a major in mind now, and that should be in place by the end of next summer.

I love university! After leaving Christianity, I found I had an insatiable desire to learn all that I could now that I was out from under the intellectually stifling environment of Christianity. Now that I’m back in university, I just love it! There is so much to learn and it’s all so interesting! I find it very fulfilling.

I still have a strong disgust for Christianity, and religion in general. However, with all that is happening in the world, I lean a bit more towards hoping that we can all get along. I hope my site, and my life, are a testament to the wonderful life and freedom that can be found in atheism. A life filled with purpose, meaning, love, and joy! But in the day-to-day, I mostly keep my opinions to myself and I am encouraged when I see religious people who are committed to living peacefully with people of other faiths or those with no faith at all. I am not under the illusion that somehow everyone will all of a sudden reject religion, although I hope that happens over time. But in the here-and-now, I hope religious people adopt attitudes and behaviours that are accepting of all people and use their beliefs to bring people together, not to create division.

I’d love to hear how some of my followers are doing. Feel free to leave comments. Life is busy, but I will try to respond when I can.




3 thoughts on “A hello and an update

  1. You helped me immensely, Brenda, along with Christopher Hitchens and Karen Armstrong’s books which I am still reading. I post my journey on Facebook but no longer do a blog. I find Facebook more useful and there are several who are also questioning their religious roots. I am not naive re: the great divides among all the world’s religions and how that actually plays out in real time events and terror. It has always been so. My question is still why are we here with the brains we have? Where are we going?
    Much peace to you!!!
    Mary McReynolds

  2. Hi Brenda, great to hear from you and read your update. Well its been well over two years that my wife and I have turned our backs on Christianity and we do not regret it for one moment. Together, as dedicated humanitarian activists we are dedicated to Om-yoga meditation, and believe me, we have never experienced so much love, peace, happiness and harmony, like we are now experiencing in our lives. We have let go of all the bad experiences of our past Christian lives, and we totally follow the path of today, preparing for the day of tomorrow, so to enter a brighter future. My mind no longer controls me, but I control my mind, being able to help others who have been captured by the brainwashing and manipulation of many Christians today. We let Christians believe in their ways, and we expect the same from them, by letting us believe in our ways. This I talk about a lot on FaceBook, and they seem to accept this without condemnation.

    • Hi Charles! Thanks for your comments!

      I have recently taken up regular mediation and yoga and I almost can’t describe how beneficial both have been for my mind, body, and my life! I haven’t taken on any of the religious aspects of those practices, but the calm and presence that result – and my acceptance of myself, my body, other people, and the world as a whole – is just wonderful.

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