Reading Right Now: The End of Absence by Michael Harris

I’ve started reading this e-book. Join in if you think it would interest you!

The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection by Michael Harris

the end of absence

I’ve been frustrated by my seeming inability to disconnect from constant interruptions lately. I’m definitely included in the generation that remembers a time without the internet and yet is fully immersed in it now.

I remember a time when I had an attention span and I miss it! Don’t get me wrong, I love technology! But I’m yearning to put it in its place a bit so I can stay connected with the real me that exists outside of all the modern noise. I want to develop the ability to be in silence again, to be alone with myself for long periods of time without grabbing my cell phone for the next hit of internet adrenaline. I want to be ok with being still again. I want to allow myself to get bored (is that possible???) and to find a solution in something that doesn’t involve pushing buttons or filling up the silence with some form of noise.

(I might exclude reading on my tablet from this because that is something I’ve loved doing my entire life and it does help me to reconnect with the real me – and it requires an attention span. And I love that e-books don’t use up trees and don’t take up space in my house and then need to be discarded later. So that’s my one exception.)

So this book looks like a great read. I want to embrace technology but in a more intentional way. I want to make conscious choices where possible about how much of my life I’m going to allow it to invade.

That’s all my rambling. Join me in reading it if you like!


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