Beautiful U R – Deborah Cox

This song really encouraged me this week. In the past few weeks I’ve had to get back in touch with who I am deep inside and bring her to the surface again. Looking honestly at yourself and all of your insecurities isn’t a fun experience! It’s been painful but liberating and necessary. Thought some of my readers might need to hear the message in this song as well.

I might be able to give my blog some more attention soon. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful U R – Deborah Cox

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks and just realized I’ve never commented! I went through a similar loss of faith as you did, except I don’t have kids! I often feel like I can’t entirely relate to Christians or non-Christians – I understand both and feel like neither wholly understands me, whether or not that’s actually true. Anyway, it’s nice to find someone I can relate to on both levels!

    • Thanks for commenting clairebee! It’s nice to know my blog is still helpful to people even though I haven’t been actively blogging much lately.

      I know exactly what you’re describing! Secular people who wanted to help me did their best, but I knew they never ‘got’ what it was like to really believe all that religious stuff which to them was just mumbo-jumbo (heaven, hell, punishment, judgment, a spiritual realm, etc.) And the Christians still believed it all 100% so they couldn’t understand what it was like to step outside that box and look at Christianity from a totally impartial perspective and see that it could look totally false (and ridiculous even).

      Feel free to post any comments or questions!

      • Love this. I completely agree. I think the weirdest thing for me (as a twenty-something) was realizing that I was free to do whatever I wanted now that I was no longer constricted and constrained by Christianity (although this was by no means the reason I left Christianity, just a sort of after-the-fact realization) and finding that I actually didn’t enjoy engaging in those things. I’m talking pre-marital sex, wild nights out, etc. And then I got to thinking about whether I have certain lifestyle preferences because this is just a personality thing, something particular to who I am, or whether my preferences themselves were shaped by my Christian indoctrination–another thing I think about a lot, how much of who I am is just the result of my Christian upbringing/ how I would be different if I hadn’t been brought up Christian.

        Not sure if this is the angle you’re referring to about being in a liminal space between Christianity and non-Christianity, clairebee, but that’s sort of the betwixt and between experience I’ve had.

        Brenda, any words on this?

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