It’s Been a Good Life – Isaac Asimov

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was reading an autobiography of Isaac Asimov’s called It’s Been a Good Life. I don’t know that I have the patience or skill to attempt a decent review of the book, but I did want to mention to my readers that I absolutely loved it.

I’ve never had any interest in reading science fiction (which Asimov authored prolifically) but I read a review of this book and something must have caught my attention because I knew I wanted to read it. Turns out the man’s life fascinated me, and more than that, the book is full of so many of his thoughts which are profound and wise and often funny as well. I highlighted so much of this e-book and I think if you have any interest  in autobiographies or humanism or science (he was a professor of biochemistry) or science fiction or writing or philosophy …. (you get the idea) … I think you’ll love this book.

It does jump around a bit but I actually found this made the book more enjoyable to read – the progression wasn’t predictable. I loved not knowing what interesting topic or period of his life he’d cover next.

If any of you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Good Life – Isaac Asimov

  1. I discovered Issac Asimov as a kid (a long, long time ago). I read a lot of his stuff, including a book about how to change the world. His stories, science fiction and fact were the most influential works I’ve ever read.

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