What we truly have is this moment …


6 thoughts on “What we truly have is this moment …

  1. That’s a great video, and a lesson anyone can learn no matter what their worldview is. He kind of sounds like an “atheist pastor” in this video. 🙂

  2. Thanks for bringing this video to my attention. I know I need to realize that we do live in the now, and by not living in the future, life has more meaning. That to me is what is liberating about atheism, that the now is what is important for that is what we get.

    • Gakeat

      I think that was the biggest surprise for me after I became an atheist – how much I started truly appreciating each day and the here and now. My life took on a sense of urgency – I didn’t want to waste anymore time – I wanted to spend each day focusing on what was truly important to me. Atheism definitely added something valuable to my life.

  3. Great video. If there’s one thing I’ve done that relates to the beginning of this video to avoid worrying about petty stuff, it’s avoid watching the news. I see all these news clips in passing and I see people get so wrapped up in this stuff. Then I think to myself how 99.9999% of the stuff they’re talking about has NOTHING to do with my life or theirs. I always thought life was too short, and we have enough things we have to take care of in a day instead of worrying about other people’s problems that news organizations try to tell us are “important.” No thanks, I’ll live in ignorance of all this mess and enjoy my life more because of it.

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