One Life – Hedley

Life’s been keeping me very busy and I’ve been pushing and stretching myself in several areas. Each hurdle makes me nervous but I’m learning it’s much better to push forward. Most of the time the risks are more than worth it and I’m getting much better at being ok with my mistakes when they happen. I have such an excitement about my life now that wasn’t there before – mistakes and all!

If there is one main lesson I learned through my deconversion that I carry with me every day, it’s that I absolutely refuse to live my life in fear anymore! I realize looking back how much of my life was based on fear. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of letting people down. Fear of letting God down. Fear of sinning. Fear of not having things turn out. Fear of the unknown. Fear of hell. Fear of not measuring up. Fear of not being holy enough. Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear!

No more!

If it’s the last night in these streets
You’d be a fool to take a seat
You got one life, one life
Don’t stop; live it up






2 thoughts on “One Life – Hedley

  1. Good to hear from you Brenda. And I think your sentiments about living life without fear are spot on. Glad to hear you’re doing so well! 🙂

  2. Yep, it’s all about having enough fear to keep you believing! That actually makes me remember when I was in the last few years of my Christianity that I had a lot of fear of not living up to god’s standards and what the consequences would be. Of course, the biggest problem was that there was no god talking back to me, so how was I supposed to know what was acceptable in his eyes? The Bible sure didn’t have enough to cover all situations, so I had hoped God would inform me if I was doing wrong, which for reasons obvious to me now, never happened 😉

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