What I’m Reading – January 2013

I’ve completely neglected the side of me that needs to be reading, learning and contemplating and not just doing all the time.  Fortunately I’ve come across two books that captured my attention and I think they may interest some of you. If you care to join me in reading either one I’d love to discuss them.

The first is The Book of Dead Philosophers by Simon Critchley.

The second is Philosophers Without Gods edited by Louise M. Antony.

I’ve just begun both of these but they seem very promising. If you’d like to read along and discuss one or both of them just let me know in the comments. If there is some interest I will create a discussion post for each of them.

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – January 2013

  1. Just found your site, quite by accident, from a link on outcampaign.org. Or maybe my finding it was “meant to be”. 🙂 Well, not really…..I have skimmed some of your posts and comments, and just wanted to tell you I enjoyed what I have seen so far. I, too, am a former fundamentalist Christian who “found my way” out of the wilderness a number of years ago. During the time of my walk of faith, I really thought there was nothing greater in this life. I truly never dreamed that I was doing anything other than walking through this life with god beside me and in me. Never realizing, of course, the bondage which enveloped me. My departure was a slow evolution, and even after I left the Christian community, it took me many years of exposure to different ideas and points of view before I finally realized that it was all a complete figment of my imagination. Since I have killed the ghost in the machine, I have never felt more liberated. With god dead to me, life and living has become so much clearer and absolutely real. Only others who have gone through the same personal journey can ever really understand.

    Keep on writing. I have bookmarked your site and will look in when the opportunity arises.


    • Mike

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I never know what type of comment (negative or positive) will await me when I see that a new one has been made. Yours brought a smile to my face. You’re right – only someone who has gone through what we have truly understands the transformation that takes place and how utterly different our perspective and experience of life is post-Christianity. It’s always nice to run across someone who has experienced the same life-changing deconversion where the chains fell off and liberation followed.

      At times I just love the internet for its ability to connect up people who otherwise would never have met. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my doubts had hit prior to the existence of the internet. I either would have stuffed them thinking I was the problem and not religion (as I had in the past) – or my journey would have been much lonelier and tough as I trudged through mostly alone. But the internet happened to be around and I was able to research online and eventually connect up with others like me who understood the experience of waking up (slowly or suddenly) to the realization that none of it was real.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. I hope you jump in on some of the conversations as they happen here on my blog.

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