A twisted kind of love …

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god's love


3 thoughts on “A twisted kind of love …

  1. Even when I was a Christian I always found the belief of eternal torture very hard to reason through. Reconciling an all loving God with this takes some severe redefining of words. I remember trying to tell people that God loved them even if they didn’t believe in them, and hoping that they wouldn’t ask the question about afterlife. It’s yet another reason that the bible looks like simply a human book.

    • Hell was actually one thing that drove me crazy. It bothered me every day. When I look back, the only time it didn’t was when I didn’t “really” believe in it (before I joined a more fundamentalist church). When I really did, I couldn’t escape the thought of anyone being tortured like that with no escape. It’s no wonder it’s not talked about so much because torture is terrible, no matter how “just” God is.

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