Joy & Meaning in a World Without God

I love that this book is being made … A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy and Meaning in a World Without God.  Now that I’ve been a full-blown atheist for a couple of years (and on my way out of religion for two years before that), the notion that somehow my life lacks purpose, meaning, joy, love, or morality … or any other positive quality … it’s just ridiculous. I’ve found the opposite in my life and I forget that religious people still view the lives of atheists as lacking in so many ways. I would love for those people to talk to my husband, my children, my friends … and ask them if I have love in my life.  Ask them if I have joy.  Ask them if I am kind.  Ask them if I needed a god to make me a good person or to experience purpose and meaning. (I’m sensing this may be a topic I’m passionate about!)

So visit the book’s website and see what the book is about. There are some great promotional videos on there (although they’ve already reached their fundraising goal). I liked their page on Facebook (there is a Facebook link on the main website’s left-hand side) and it looks like there are some great videos on there with atheists describing how they find joy and meaning in a world without god.  I am definitely going to spend some time checking those out.

Here is the book’s Kickstarter Promotional Video:


Here is an extended version of the promotional video entitled, ‘What Do You Think About Atheists?’ We have work to do to change the negative perception people have of atheists.


via The Friendly Atheist


One thought on “Joy & Meaning in a World Without God

  1. When I was a Christian, I never thought about atheists differently than people of other religions. Both groups believed the wrong thing so they would see God’s punishment. I’d like to know what some of these people think is worse…believing in the wrong god or believing in no god? Would they rather people have no moral authority or the wrong moral authority? I don’t think they realize how many people claim to believe in a god, but certainly don’t believe in their version of it. Does that somehow make them better that they at least believe in something no matter what that something is?

    Also while I was a Christian, I still treated everyone with respect and hung out with people I knew were atheists. We just didn’t let it get in the way of having a relationship, and shockingly, they seemed like normal people to me (end sarcasm). I’ve hung out with people recently and when they found out I was an atheist, I didn’t see any backlash from it. I think the world is changing and I think people are getting tired of having a moral authority, as much as some people claim that you have to have one.

    Another thing I don’t get about the belief that atheists can’t have any of these qualities you mentioned is that we all have a similar brain. We all have emotions and we all have a sense of right and wrong. To say that these things are different without a belief in god is ridiculous. I don’t see how they don’t realize that during their life they deal with atheists and don’t even notice. If we’re so bad, it seems they would have singled us all out by now.

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