Parenting lessons from God …

The dangers of getting your parenting advice from God:

How to Be Good Biblical Parents

via The Friendly Atheist


3 thoughts on “Parenting lessons from God …

  1. Classic… The flood story was one story as a Christian that never made sense to me. Hell didn’t either. But God loves us so much….
    Gotta love some of the comments too saying God was SO merciful that he spared 1 family. If they lived during that time and weren’t part of that 1 family, I bet they wouldn’t think that was so merciful, especially while watching their kids drown.

  2. Good points Speed. I sense you and I have many of the same frustrations with the Christian story now that we are out of it. I think that’s one reason I don’t have as much patience for moderate Christianity as some others – I have issues with the entire story – not just bits and pieces. Thanks for your comments.

    • You’re welcome, and I think we do share a lot of the same frustrations. While I was a Christian, there were a lot of things I couldn’t answer/understand. Part of my frustration with Christians now is because I was never in so much denial that if someone asked me about these things I would make excuses instead of just saying “I don’t know.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know how Christianity applied to many things in life because I never could make sense of it all. I would try to look at stories in the bible as if it were happening to me, because it could have been me. Needless to say many times I didn’t like the way I would have felt had things in the bible actually happened to me, like having someone kill my kids or watching them drown in a flood. That’s why the excuses drive me crazy and I just don’t tolerate it. Sometimes I think people don’t believe what they’re saying because it doesn’t make sense but they have to justify their belief in God by making excuses or claiming to have the answers.
      Interesting that I’m responding to this right now while I’m listening to some Bad Religion 🙂

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