Update – October 2012

Thought I should write a quick post and let you know that I’m still around.  My real life has been extremely busy and I’m focused on that right now.

Sometimes I think I’ve said all I want to say about religion and I’ll just let this blog remain here for use as a resource for anyone it might help.  But then usually my passion gets reignited and I go back at it.  So we’ll see. I have a few things I’ve considered blogging about when time permits:

1.  The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine.  This might happen soon since it’s something I could do bit by bit.  I’m a bit stuck though.  I’m not sure the best way to go through a book like that.  If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about how you’d prefer to see me handle that, please let me know.  I love quotes and certainly have many favourites from the book.  I could use those as a jumping off point … hmmm.  Ideas welcome.

2. A more detailed version of my story.  I have a short, one page version on this blog, but I’ve been enjoying the more in-depth, multiple post versions of some other bloggers and I’ve considered doing the same.  As I get further and further away from the deconversion phase of my life, I certainly see my life and journey with different eyes.  This is also something I could do little by little.

3. My perspective on religion as I move further away from my religious past is certainly evolving.  I think this time spent truly focused on living my life post-Christianity is helping me grow as a person and hopefully that will mean that I will have posts with more substance to offer.  There are thoughts and ideas regarding religion percolating as I live my day-to-day life.  I’m watching them develop almost as an outsider.  Those will likely come out in some blog posts when I’m ready and when time allows for it.

So that’s what’s happening with me.  The blog is quiet right now but things are brewing 🙂


6 thoughts on “Update – October 2012

  1. Dear Brenda, As one who has left Christianity mentally and spiritually, I always read your blog, partly for the encouragement it gives me. And partly for the way you handle the challenges of not believing in your day to day life. I also appreciate the quotes and links. I would be interested to hear more about the details of your journey. There are probably things that made a difference to you that you may not have thought of in a while. For me, there are Bible verses that gradually piled up for their absurdity, violence, lack of logic, etc. until the day came I could no longer believe any of it. The expression “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual” has become somewhat trite, but the truth is many of us do have a quality that is somewhat out of bounds of this earth. We feel like there is something, or for some, Something, but are content not to define it in terms of human description. Anthropomorphism, basically. Just the wonder of it all is enough. This wonder, in and of itself, is a delight to experience without the rules and regulations that all religions require. All that being said, I also know that life is always a river flowing and sometimes it is necessary to concentrate on the river. Flow as much as possible. Swim when necessary. Thanks for your blog. It will be there when you come back to it. Enjoy. My best to you, Polly

    • Wow – thanks Polly. Your words made my day! You’ve been in my thoughts since you last visited the blog. Thanks for your comments.

      Your words have caused me to wonder why I didn’t gravitate to the more ‘spiritual’ path that some people take when they leave organized religion. I think I may have tried that on for a bit, but it didn’t stick. While I understand why people do, for some reason, that wasn’t for me and I’ll have to mull over why that might be … not that I’ll necessarily come to some absolute conclusion.

      I’m glad my blog encourages or helps you even if it’s in small ways. I’m pretty sure I’ll start plugging away at some of the blogging ideas I mentioned above, just not sure when they’ll be ready to post. I may share some quotes, links, or other things in the meantime.

      All the best and thanks again.

      ps Your comments about experiencing wonder has sparked a blog post idea. I’ll put that up soon!

      • Brenda,
        That is an interesting point about how some people leave a religion and instead become “spiritual.” I didn’t. I guess in my case, I would have felt dishonest to become a skeptic about my religion because it had no basis for being true, then turn around and make that same mistake by becoming “spiritual” without any basis in my mind for it. However, I think if you asked a bunch of people what being “spiritual” meant, you’d get a bunch of different answers.

        Also, I’d really like to see a more detailed story from you. As I found out writing my own story, it’s very challenging to decide what to put in a story like that. There’s so much that you think of every day, it’s almost impossible to remember all the key questions and incidents that lead down the path of doubt. However, each story I read is very interesting as it helps to get different perspectives on why people were Christians and the important things that changed their mind. I look forward to reading it!

      • Thanks for your comments Speed. I think I will start working on a longer deconversion story when I get the chance. I think I’ve hesitated because some of it was so intense and personal and I don’t know how much of that I can share online. I think I wondered if what was left would be worth writing. Also, as more time passes I don’t know how great my memory will be for details of how or when things happened. I’ll try to give it a go though and see what comes out of it.

        As far as the spiritual aspect, I think you’re right. I jumped a major hurdle in my deconversion when I realized no one knew the answers I was looking for. For a long time that freaked me out, but at some point that caused me to realize that anyone telling me they had the answers was full of BS. It cleared my head and life in such a huge way. It was absolute freedom to realize no one knew and to come to the conclusion that none of us would be punished for not knowing. So you’re right – I just felt no need to go back and try to find those answers anywhere because they were unknowable.

        I have wondered about the need people have for that spiritual ‘feeling.’ I wonder why I haven’t missed that in my life. Once I tossed out religious answers (in any form) I just shifted my focus to the here and now. I have so much in front of me that I haven’t seen the need for anything else. I personally don’t need to feel like there is some Thing or some Meaning behind my awe and wonder – it’s just awesome and wonderful. I don’t see the need to take that any further. But I know many people do and sometimes I wonder why I don’t. Maybe it’s just as simple as different personality types or something.

        Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate when people comment here.

  2. Hi Brenda: came across your blog a few months ago and I’ve been enjoying reading through your posts. Hoping you continue to blog – and those topics you mentioned sound very interesting by the way.

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