Memoirs of an ex-Christian

Last week I stumbled across this blog and I was transported back in time.  I had forgotten about this blog but when I saw it I instantly remembered it as one that I visited often in the early days of my religious doubting.  He isn’t currently blogging but I emailed the author to thank him for sharing his story and I let him know how it had impacted me.  He replied and we exchanged a few encouraging emails.  It reminded me of why it’s important for those who have left the faith to tell their stories.  After we deconvert we move on with our lives, but there are others who will go through the same struggles and will benefit in some way from reading about our journey.  Enjoy reading Kevin’s story:

Memoirs of an ex-Christian


3 thoughts on “Memoirs of an ex-Christian

  1. Thanks for giving me something interesting to read! I really relate to the part where he asks God to show himself or speak to him. Then he hears nothing, and that shows that he’s been having a 1-way conversation all this time. I felt the same way, though I think I gave God a lot more chances.

      • Definitely. Being honest with yourself is key though in leaving Christianity or any religion. I stayed a Christian for a while because I wasn’t honest with myself. I had his same dilemma about being skeptical of outlandish claims but believing in a parting sea and talking donkeys.
        The worst part I find is the comments. Who knew so many preachers were out there? 😉
        It really is sad though how evident the brainwashing is by the Christian comments. They’ve all been trained to parrot what they’ve heard through radio and sermons. If you took those away, I don’t know what Christians would say to non-Christians because all I hear is the same current messages being thrown around all the time. Do they not think that people who LEFT Christianity have heard all of their preaching before?

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