Worldview Naturalism

Thought this new website might be of interest to you:

One of its creators is Luke Muehlhauser who is the author of the Common Sense Atheism website which was a huge help to me during my deconversion (Luke doesn’t add new content anymore to that site but the archives are still available and there is a LOT there.)

I poked around the site and it looks like a good resource.  The main categories are readings, podcasts, videos, debates, and people.  The readings cover topics such as seeking truth, self & free will, ethics & society, happiness & self-help, and meaning & spirituality.   You could spend quite a bit of time on this site watching interviews and following links to podcasts and debates.  There are links to almost 100 intellectuals with a naturalistic worldview (including links to their faculty, personal, and wikipedia pages).

Let me know if you find something particularly interesting or useful on the site!


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