Abortion (non) Debate in Canada

Thought you might be interested to see how a Canadian politician’s attempt to start debating the abortion issue in Canada was received (even from his own party):

MP’s Denounce Motion to Study When Life Begins

I can actually understand where the anti-abortion people are coming from.  They believe they need to stand up for a life that can’t speak for itself.  But what should they do with this conviction that they are passionate about?  I think if someone is against abortion/pro-life then there are many areas where they could focus their time and effort.  Some ideas?  Help promote better sex education and contraception availablity.  Maybe help support the adoption system or services that help young mothers.  But to try to legislate that every woman needs to follow your views on this issue and to turn those who disagree into criminals is the wrong approach.  And obviously it’s not going to get anywhere here in Canada.


3 thoughts on “Abortion (non) Debate in Canada

  1. The sad and horrible truth about these “pro-life” people is that they are in my opinion, mostly disingenuous creeps who use it as an issue.

    In the US, they showed their true colors, many times; but the most striking one was when these jerks sat on their hands when Romney gave a nod to Obama about killing bin Laden. You could hear a pin drop. Yet, when Perry in the same debate mentioned the 600 executions he oversaw in Texas, there was “rapturous” applause.

  2. They could perhaps open some biology textbooks and start to focus on a broader perspective rather than reducing abortion to a dogmatic conclusion (murder). It’s not just one person that won’t be there. It’s much more, by denying the complexity of the situation they are also denying themselves any shot at a credible position.

  3. Brenda, I couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many things people could do to help alleviate this issue. It’s a sad fact that most people who are ardently opposed to abortion also want to reduce entitlement programs. They want to make sure children are born, but they sure don’t want their tax dollars to help feed them, clothe them, or keep them healthy once they’re here!

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