Quote #21

If I had the power that the New Testament narrative says that Jesus had, I would not cure one person of blindness, I would make blindness impossible; I would not cure one person of leprosy, I would abolish leprosy.

Joseph Lewis

From The Quotable Atheist by Jack Huberman


14 thoughts on “Quote #21

  1. It’s an interesting question to ask yourself: Q: If you could be God for 60 seconds, what would you do?
    I can think of a whole host of wonderful things in a mere 60 seconds.

    • Personally, I would’ve just got rid of Satan. No more sickness, no more “sin”. Done.

      I guess that would’ve been too easy, since it would seem god wanted suffering, death, pain and bloodshed and couldn’t forgive people for being the way he made them without having his son (also himself) tortured and killed.

      “Yay!” to quote the apologist above.

  2. On a slightly different tack, I find it interesting that (american) conservatives are so against social programs and wealth redistribution when it was practiced by the early church and will supposedly be practiced again in heaven.. but meh, while we’re here let’s just ‘get mine’ and to hell with everyone else!?!?

    • Great point! What else is donating to a church but giving your money to an organized group of leadership and letting them choose how to use/distribute it?
      Only difference is whom do you trust will use it appropriately?

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