Do Not Doubt

Came across this church sign:

In other words, “Don’t question.”  I think this type of mentality is insulting to Christians.  What do you think?

[Note:  Should have mentioned when I originally published this that I took this picture myself.  It’s a real sign.]


14 thoughts on “Do Not Doubt

  1. Doubt is great… It challenges you to think and find answers, resulting in getting to know God better (that is what i’d call ‘good doubt’). However there’s also a cynical kind of doubt where many close and simply turn away- that’s at least what I’ve found. In my opinion, staying a christian is a bit like riding a bike, unless you stop moving forward then you fall off… Thanks for sharing!

    • So simply wanting to understand is “bad doubt”?

      Basically, what you’re saying is that it’s only OK to doubt so long as it leads back to the prior assumption that god is real. You might call it faith, I call it begging the question, but each to their own.

      Good luck riding that bike. I hope the brakes work…

      • No, wanting to understand is good doubt! If you try to understand and fail to reason, then sure that’s up to you. Not wanting to understand and look for answers though, I’d consider ‘bad’ doubt.
        I’m sorry you’re coming across a little offended by my comments… I’ve made it clear that I’m expressing my opinion and understand that is not everyone else’s! But hey, keep commenting on my comments, I’m happy you’re interested! As for the bike comment… Do you know me or something?

  2. Agreed, .. “do not doubt, do not question”, if they were honest and open they’d be saying the exact opposite, .. ie: ” if you have any doubts about what we’re telling you, ask us, it’s good to ask questions”. Any child would soon get frustrated with their parents if everytime they wanted to know something they were told “Do not question us”.
    It’s when you DO start asking awkward questions about Christianity that it DOES start falling in on itself. ..and the more you ask and question, the quicker it falls. So I suppose, from their viewpoint, yes, it is better if people DONT ask questions.

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