Deconversion Story at ‘Thoughts From a Sandwich’

Sharing another deconversion story:

DagoodS – Deconversion Story

[Click on the next chapter at the end of each of his posts.]

I loved reading all of it but was particularly struck by his explanations of the issues that he could no longer ignore within Christianity.  If you are a doubter then you need to read his entire story.  I almost hate to pick out any of it because I want you to read the entire thing, but at the end he has this to say that I really related to:

What happens after a Christian becomes an atheist?  Well…life moves on regardless.  The sun rises, clients call, and newspapers continue to be delivered. While it was a shake-up, much of my life moved forward as before.  I met the following weeks, months and years with a mixture of emotions.

Believe it or not, there was a feeling of relief.  All those questions and attempts to determine what God was thinking, or what God was saying, or what God wanted were resolvable in the simple notion that everything I had learned about God was the human interpretation of what God was like.  It was a human project, with human results.  The unadorned answer to these complex questions?  God was human-made.

It resolves the Problem of Evil.  Resolves the conflicts (both historical and doctrinal) in theistic claims.  Resolves the answer as to why God was so non-responsive, so hard to find.  Resolves why humans provide 1000 different solutions to 10,000 different questions about God.  Resolves why Christian book stores bulge with Self-Help books.

The humanity of God explained why non-believers and believers alike shared the characteristics of good and evil.  Both were as likely to be a person of anger as a person of love.  There is nothing “divine” in being a Christian; nor in Christian “fruit.”  It is humanity looking for a justification to act a certain way.

There was also relief in having been through an ordeal.  It is tiring on the body to deprive it of sleep.  It was tiring on my spirit to be constantly aching for a God I believed in and hear nothing but silence.  It was tiring on my mind to be suppressing the obvious implications of what I read.

I became elated.  For the first time, I could openly read the Bible in any manner!  There was no preconceived dogma which required “scripture to interpret scripture” or that it was God-inspired, or inerrant.  Ephesians could be written by Paul, not written by Paul, or not even qualify to be in the Bible!  Isaiah could be a complete book, or a conglomeration of two or three books.  It could be written in 740 BCE or 450 BCE.  I was not pre-determining conclusions, and looking for evidence to support them; rather I was looking at the evidence, and coming to conclusions.

I want to let him speak for himself, so if you are a doubter, please take the time to read his story.  I’m really glad that I’ve been coming across these wonderfully written deconversion stories lately.  They speak to the human aspect of each deconversion and I love being allowed to follow along as I read about each stage of their journey.  And as always – I hope that sharing this might help someone out there who is struggling with their own doubts and needs to know that others have traveled the same road.


2 thoughts on “Deconversion Story at ‘Thoughts From a Sandwich’

  1. DagoodS is one of the best writers out there. I also loved reading his story, but I admit it has been a few years since I read the whole thing. I highly recommend all his articles!

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