Religious Survey in Canada

I have to say, I felt there was a difference here in Canada regarding our views about religion, but it’s interesting to see it showing up in surveys like this one:

Religious Survey in Canada

Just my personal experience, but it seems to me that Canadians don’t care much if you’re religious or not – the topic rarely even comes up.   I think religion is one of those things we figure should stay in the realm of ‘it’s your own personal business.’

Instead of me pulling out numbers from the survey that caught my attention, I’d be really interested to know what those of you who live outside of Canada think of the numbers.   Did any of the numbers surprise you?

via The Friendly Atheist

[Here’s more reading on the topic of religious belief in Canada if you’re interested.  It’s not regarding the above survey though.]


3 thoughts on “Religious Survey in Canada

  1. Interesting, though not too surprising to me. I’ve gathered from what I’ve read that the U.S. is very “Christian” compared to the rest of the world. I live in the southern U.S. and sometimes it seems everyone is Catholic. Unfortunately, the Catholic church is very strict on you either do what they tell you, or you’re going to hell. And if you’re not one of them, you’re going to hell.
    With beliefs like that, it’s easy to see that if you tell them you’re agnostic or an atheist it changes they way they perceive you. Maybe the majority of Canadians who believe in a God don’t believe in any of the current belief systems but still believe there is a higher power? Maybe they’re mostly agnostic? If that’s the case, I could see their views of God being a more personal thing. But when your beliefs say everyone who’s not your religion are doomed or of the devil, I can see why religion becomes more import.

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