Reading: ‘The Age of Reason’

I read Thomas Paine’s, The Age of Reason, back when I was in the middle of my doubting and searching.  Persto and Nate have both reminded me what a great book it is and I’ve decided it’s worth reading it again.  It’s actually the first full book that I’m reading on our tablet (I know – I’m way behind the times!  It’s been hard to give up my love for holding a real book though!).  I can’t promise when I’ll finish, but if anyone was thinking of reading it (and if you’re in the doubting stage it’s a must-read), then join me and we can discuss it once we’re done.   It’s easy to find a free download online.


3 thoughts on “Reading: ‘The Age of Reason’

  1. Oh hey! I actually went on a tear with downloading a bunch of free books that I’ve always thought I wanted to read. I did grab “Common Sense” but not that one.. brb 😉

  2. That is such a great book. It’s been about two years since I’ve read it, but I still may chime in a bit if you have a conversation on it.

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