Reposting ‘Why I Became an Atheist’

I was looking back at some of my older posts and I came across Das American Atheist’s account of how he became an atheist.  This series of his videos, as well as many of his others, were one place I turned when I was doubting.  I hope if you’re a religious doubter you’ll check out his videos on youtube.  For those of us who have already left, you may find his journey interesting.

Why I Became an Atheist by Das American Atheist

[For those interested, he has a video playlist of his rebuttals to William Lane Craig’s arguments.]


2 thoughts on “Reposting ‘Why I Became an Atheist’

  1. Thanks really enjoyed the videos, I really like the idea he went from an agnostic to an atheist and he did his research. And he studied the bible, bible contradictions, biblical and religios history. And that made him an agnostic and made him question Christianity and he research the apologetic answers for himself. And then lastly he studied the philosophical aspect of God. I haven’t got to that point yet.

    • Glad you enjoyed them! I don’t know of any exChristians (who were serious Christians) who didn’t go through the type of searching he did. Different issues strike people at different times, but many of the same issues come up in the stories of deconversion.

      Honestly – once I was convinced the bible was not reliable at all … the other issues seemed simpler. I could just look at the issue (and research it, etc) and make up my mind without having to twist my brain into a pretzel to make unreasonable things make sense.

      Das American Atheist is a really smart guy but from what I remember he’s very philosophical – so you may want to revisit his youtube channel if/when you get to that stage.

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