Can You Follow Jesus Without Religion?

I love this post by Godless Girl:

Can You Follow Jesus Without Religion?

I’ve seen that video making the rounds on Facebook and many Christians I know put Christ Follower instead of Christian for their religion on Facebook.  I love when Godless Girl says:

How do you gain followers among  doubtful and skeptical youth? You make your product cool; you make it edgy; you rebel just enough against “the system” to show you don’t like authority while still staying within the lines of the “sinner needing salvation” requirement.

Bingo!  Right on the mark with that one.  You can redefine Christianity all you want – it’s still a religion and it still relies heavily on rules and obeying authority.

And Godless Girl hits the nail on the head again:

Just don’t think you can redefine something just to make it less disgusting and objectionable. Your love of this hippie Jesus guy and dislike for empty ritual doesn’t mean his teachings are any more true or reasonable from your mouth than they are when it’s preached within the four walls of a cathedral. You can’t whitewash Christianity and ignore the reality.

I had to kind of laugh when it says that relgion is man searching for God while Christianity is God searching for man.  Really??  The creator of the universe has to find us??  I would love to pick apart every statment he makes in the video – but I need to go live my atheist life now!

Really liked the video though 😉


2 thoughts on “Can You Follow Jesus Without Religion?

  1. I notice there’s one thing you ex fundies can’t leave behind and that’s evangelism. If you become atheists you have to deconvert everyone else too. Why not try just living and let live?

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