Christians are going to hell …

an Islamic hell that is.

In my searching it blew me away that as a Christian I had no way of knowing if I was going to be sent to an eternal Islamic hell.  It just doesn’t occur to Christians.  As a Christian you feel so thankful to not be going to hell when you die … you feel so safe.  Never mind that you are worshipping a god who will send billions of people there … but at least you know you’re safe.

But what if you’ve joined the wrong team??  There’s no way to know this side of the grave is there?

This is my response when Christians question me about hell and the fact that they think I am now headed there.  They are no more safe than I am.  It’s all a grand guessing game.  If Christians would take the Christian goggles off for a minute they’d realize this.

In reality, I don’t think anyone is going to hell because, besides the fact that it doesn’t exist, I don’t think that a god, if he exists, would send people to an eternal toruture chamber for being what he made them to be – human.

Here’s a short video where Sam Harris talks about this issue (just can’t seem to get the video to insert – click on the link!):

Not Being Indoctrinated into Christianity

via Sam Harris on Facebook


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