My First Full Marathon!

I ran in my first full marathon this Sunday!  What a day!  My time was 4:21:39 with a 6:14 pace/km.  The weather was unseasonably warm but not too warm – just perfect with a nice breeze.  My hubby ran with me and I’m so thankful to him for being such an amazing support and an awesome coach!

On May 24 of this year I started trying to eat better and get back into running.  Less than 6 months later I am 40 lbs lighter and running a marathon like someone who knows what she’s doing.  We focused on my pace and keeping me properly fueled the whole time and conserving just enough energy so that I wouldn’t ‘bonk’ at the end.  I have to admit it was motivating being able to run past the people who had hit ‘the wall.’  That’s all due to my husband – so if you’re reading this – thank you honey! 

One thing I love about running is that you really are competing against yourself.  I have no idea if I’ll ever place well in my age category but I really don’t care.  I know I did amazing for where I was at and I’m looking forward to entering some smaller races over the winter and early spring and then seeing what I can pull off next season.


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