The Real Cost of Religious Faith

This past weekend hubby and I attended our first atheist event.  I looked online and found a local group and we headed out to the pub on Friday.

This link was passed onto me by one of the people I met there and WOW is it good.  It just gets at the foundations of my issues with christianity (and any religion for that matter).  I wish every Christian would watch it but I know it wouldn’t come across to them in the same way it does to me now.

It also deals with my pet peeve lately which is the idea that christianity is a loving religion that is so inclusive.


2 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Religious Faith

  1. i don’t like those kinds of arguments, Christians believe one way, atheists believe another, and nobody has any evidence for either way of believing except what their own heart tells them… i was reading the other article on the ONE reason religion is harmful, because you have to believe in invisible things that affect us etc… well same goes for quantum mechanics, if i remember organic chemistry correctly… this life is a mystery, and nobody knows shit lol sorry for the double negative 🙂

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