Christian Morality

Just have to get this off my chest.  I could try to make it sound very deep and intellectual but I won’t.  Just going to keep it basic.

I had a discussion with one of my children about morality.  This child thought that Christians were sort of more moral than other people.  Talking with this child crystallized some things in my mind.

1.  Christians make up their own list of what makes a person moral and then feel better than other people for following that particular definition (which many don’t anyway – but let’s just assume they do follow their own rules.)

2. Their list of what makes a person moral pretty much falls into obsessing about what people do in their spare time (whether they drink, smoke, party, swear) and what people do when they’re naked.

I’m not even talking here about whether morals are relative or absolute.  Let’s just assume morals are absolute and set in stone for eternity.  What a shitty list they have!  And it’s pissing me off lately.

As I explained to my child – if you define morality by what people do with their spare time and what they do when they’re naked – then I suppose Christians could possibly be ‘more moral’ than the rest of us.  But that’s a severely limited view of what makes someone a decent human being.  How about how they treat others? How about honesty?  How about their concern for bigger issues such as starving people in the third world or people dealing with cancer?  I could go on forever with that list.

I’m not saying Christians aren’t ever concerned with bigger issues – but having been on both sides – I realize now how much of their ‘moral’ focus is based on sex.  The bigger issues seem to take a back seat.  They want to make everyone morally pure – but it bothers me now how much of that is focused on things that don’t affect anyone else.

I don’t care who you fuck anymore but I do care if you’re a decent person or not.  Oh!  I just swore!  Now I’m doubly damned!


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