Operation Street Preachers

Sorry I’ve been missing in action.  This was back to school week for my 5 kids.  We had some big transitions this year:

1. First year of high school.

2. First year of middle school.

3. Middle kid had it the easiest – just moved from grade 3 to 4.

4. Grade 1 – (Went from part-time school to full-time plus all the transitions that come with leaving the comfort of kindergarten.)

5. My littlest is starting Junior Kindergarten!  He’s quite shy so we’ll see how he does on Monday.  He did well when he met his teacher last week so I’m hopeful he’ll be alright.

I am also taking a course online through the Center for Inquiry called, ‘The Real Origins of Christianity.’  With back to school I’m completely behind on that so I’m catching up this weekend.  Here’s a link to their online courses:

Center for Inquiry Online Classes

In addition, two weeks ago my husband decided to run in a 160 km (100 mile) trail run (that’s 4 marathons in a row – on forest trails!) The cut-off time is 30 hours.  So he was prepping for that all week while at the same time trying to be here for the back-to-school craziness.  He started running about an hour ago.

So I hope to be posting more frequently, but in the meantime enjoy some secular street preaching!

via The Friendly Atheist

People in the atheist community often disagree about how ‘nice’ we should be to religion.  I think it depends on the situation and I think in this case he was right to take them on.

Did you see the preacher’s shock that someone could have something against his loving message of grace?  Sorry – but Christianity does not have a message of love and forgiveness and I could go on for hours about why that is (maybe another time!).

The other thing that drives me crazy about preaching now is how the preacher always sounds like he is talking to little children.  Like he has some magical key to all the knowledge of the universe and he has to explain it to us little folk because somehow we got in the wrong line up when the Knowledge of All Things was being handed out.


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