Religion in Canada

I’m posting a wikipedia article about religion in Canada.

Religion in Canada

I’ve had this impression from my own experience in Canada that we are less religious than the U.S.  I could be wrong, but my experience going from fundamentalist christian to atheist seemed to support my thoughts.  I’m in a pretty religous area in some respects and yet when I left Christianity there was almost no backlash.  Whatever the official numbers are – I think the Christians in Canada are less willing to judge others and their choices.  They seem to have their own convictions and maybe even feel compelled to share them when the opportunity arises – but beyond that I think they respect another person’s rights to have their own beliefs.  I guess I hope Canada becomes less and less religious over the years – but I will settle for the type of acceptance I’ve seen.  Now if I could only convince them that all their neighbours AREN’T going to hell.  Oh well.


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