Women in Science

Just read a post by PZ Myers:

I wonder why there are relatively few women engineers?

I have looked and looked and can’t find the show from TVO that my parents and I watched about women in science.  It was a great program!  I’ll let you know if I manage to find it.

But basically – why are so few women entering science-type careers?  Is it because they are genetically just not as skilled in that area?  Is there a biological basis?  Or is it mostly social?

It sticks in my head that my dad said that no one is stopping women from entering the science programs at university.  My mother and I both shouted out – by then it’s too late!  By then they’ve internalized that they aren’t as good in science/math!  I’ve always been more talented in the area of english/writing than science – but working hard I pulled off some decent grades in the sciences.  Did I gravitate towards english because of social conditioning?  I tend to think not – but I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there who could excel in math/science if they had the confidence.  My daughter is a gifted artist.  Should I push her towards math/science because I want to break stereotypes?  I don’t think so – although I will definitely encourage her to be open to any interest in the sciences.

Ah – so much to think about!  I hope in a hundred years people look back and wonder at a time when science was so male dominated.

[Here’s the follow-up post.]


3 thoughts on “Women in Science

  1. There are quite a few female engineers in our industry in this city. Doug has just hired 4 female engineers and no males. Out of that 3 are from China.
    There are also many high-level female leaders in the the oil industry. They make fabulous leaders. Besides coming from a mechanical engineering background they also have a strong presence in the geology and geophysical engineering areas, the ones that I know are also raising children.

    • I love to hear it! I do! But this show I saw on TVO (which had all women who were heads of scienctific departments, etc) was kind of depressing as far as what’s currently happening in universities, etc.. I so hope i can find the show! I hope things are moving in that direction though. I can’t see it not in some ways, but what if there are messages being sent to women that we aren’t even aware of? We have to be aware of them before we can change them. And that’s all I’m trying to do with this post.

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