Glee Gay Kiss

Do I enjoy watching fundamentalist Christians in the U.S. dig themselves into a deeper hole?  Yep.  I guess I should repent.  One of the first things I embraced fully when I rejected Chrisitianity was being able to accept gay people and have no judgment whatsoever about the people they choose to love and care for.  I don’t care if any of my five children is gay and that’s very freeing.  As a side note – when they start quoting bible verses my eyes glaze over and my mind shuts off.  The bible also says you should stone rebellious children (Deut 21:18-21).  I truly enjoy watching Christians pick and choose which bible verses to follow.  Very entertaining.

And wtf?  A kiss is ‘sickening?”  I can think of many things more worth her description of sickening.  How about some actual, real problems in the world?

(via Atheist Media Blog)


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