Beautiful …

Got this from a friend on facebook.  Don’t know the title.


To look out upon the astounding universe

with eye unblinking and a face unblanched;

to ignore no truth and fear no fact;

to be ready to re-cast opinion in the crucible of experience;

to forgive without demanding apology;

to keep affection in spite of misunderstanding;

to set our thought upon the things of value

and spend our strength in the fulfilling of noble purposes;

to reverence the reverences of others

rather than what they revere;

to be alert to Nature’s pageantry of beauty,

though we dwell amid the city’s clamor;

to get the most out of Life

and give the most we can;

to be guided in our conduct by the angel of Intelligence

and not by the gaunt spectre of Fear;

to approach our last hour with the calm of a philospher and the gentleness of a saint,

and to leave the world enriched by a treasury of kindly deeds and a memory of love;

this is our Aspiration,

this is our Ideal.

-Dr. Arthur W. Slaten, 1927


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