The Hiddenness of God and Freewill

Sometimes I just go over parts of my site and revisit some of the links.  I developed my site over a period of months and I enjoy rediscovering some of the gems.  I am reposting these two videos because I think ultimately they are the main issue I have with the idea of a god.  No matter what argument you present to me in favour of the existence of a god – these issues just keep popping into my head.

Nonbelief & Peek-A-Boo


Freewill and Lazy Deities


I just want to add that the whole idea that God can’t fully reveal Himself to us because we need to have freewill is ridiculous.  Think of the parent-child relationship.  Parents are present in their childrens’ lives – they are obvious to them.  But that doesn’t take away the ability of the child to rebel and reject the parent.  Knowledge does not take away freedom of choice.  God (if he exists) is not obvious.  Why is that?  My conclusion is that he probably doesn’t exist.  If he does and he has willfully chosen to remain hidden – then he is not worth worshiping.  How cruel is it to leave us here on earth with all the questions, with all the suffering, without any decent knowledge that he even exists?


6 thoughts on “The Hiddenness of God and Freewill

  1. Great videos — especially the first one. The “revelation violates free will” argument is so obviously false if people would just think about it for a minute. Even the Bible’s own claims show that the idea is false.

    • BibleReader

      Really glad you are finding his videos helpful! I know I did. He has one called, ‘Treatise on Morality’ that I really like. The two above are my favourites of his. He has quite a few that address William Lane Craig arguments but I don’t think I got into those ones too much.

      • I haven’t seen those, I’ll go back and look for them, I also like the one onto-illogical. I’ve read up about the ontological argument, but I have heard about it from debates from William lane craig.

        He did an impressive job explaining it and refuting it. and it was comical.

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